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Construction Management

Midboro Management’s construction administration division maintains control over all aspects of a capital project:

  • The Bidding Process: Obtaining bids from architects and engineers; reviewing specifications; interviewing bidding contractors and checking references.
  • Financials: Providing a building’s Board with myriad scenarios to finance a project, which may include assessments, maintenance increases, refinancing underlying mortgages or new construction loans, subsidies from state agencies, and setting up lines of credit.
  • Notifications: Making sure that a building’s Board and residents know when construction work will directly affect them, reducing resident anxiety and easing building tension during difficult and sometimes lengthy projects. We also make sure that all Board members are kept abreast of any changing situation.
  • Scheduling: Providing a detailed timeline that must be adhered to and updated if extra work becomes necessary.
  • Security: Surveying the building for susceptible areas and addressing them quickly.
  • Site Meetings: Scheduling weekly site meetings involving the building engineer, architect, and construction foreman to share information and concerns.
  • Work Integrity: Performing random inspections of the work; correcting improper work prior to the occurrence of related problems; and overseeing the project team, making sure no shortcuts are taken.
  • Payment Requisition: Reviewing all payment requests in detail; and updating the building Treasurer and Board on the payment schedule and when payments are expected.
  • Cost Control: Limiting cost overruns to work areas that would be impossible to properly evaluate until a project is underway (i.e., steel infrastructure).
  • Representation: Midboro President Michael J. Wolfe will assist in overseeing each job, and will ensure appropriate representation at your site

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