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Property Tax Exemptions

In addition to the Tax Abatement and STAR Credit Program, eligible shareholders/unit owners can also apply for the following property tax exemptions, (i) Senior Citizens Homeowners Exemption, (ii) Disabled Homeowners Exemption, (iii) Veterans Exemption (iv) Clergy Exemption (v) Disabled Crime Victim/Good Samaritan Exemption. You can use the Homeowner Tax Benefits Application to apply for most of the property tax exemptions for your primary residence. Unlike the Tax Abatement, your primary residence is determined by the address where you are registered to vote or by the house, condominium, or cooperative apartment that you live in for the majority of the year.

You may apply for these exemptions by completing the “Homeowner Tax Benefits Application” (click the link which redirects you to the website) on the NYC DOF website. The qualifications to be eligible for these exemptions are indicated on the application. Your application must be submitted directly to the NYC DOF. Your application must be postmarked on or before March 15, 2019. If eligible, benefits will begin July 1, 2019. Filing the appropriate applications with the DOF to ensure receipt of the available abatements is the shareholder/unit owner’s responsibility. Midboro is not responsible for filing on the shareholder’s/unit owner’s behalf.